Thursday, January 9, 2014

Unique Baby Names

No, I'm not pregnant again, but it's always good to be on the lookout for cute names. I came across most of these in an Etsy forum discussion. I seem to like Greek names. And you can tell I'm hoping for a girl next!

  • Orion: Justin likes this one. It sounds strong, just like the hunter in the constellation.
  • Atlas : I like this one better. Remember, it was a name before it meant a collection of maps!
  • Penelope: Penny is a cute nickname too.
  • Athena: My favorite! The goddess of wisdom.
  • Athea: A variation of the above.
  • Avaline: I like it pronounced "lean" not "line."
  • Alouette: Cute in theory, but this is one I wouldn't use, because the way I pronounce it (silent e at the end) makes it sound like an Italian guy saying "all wet."
  • Wren: I first came across this one years ago in the comic strip Baby Blues. I didn't like it then, but now I think it's cute.
  • Red: In the TV show Once Upon a Time, Little Red Riding Hood simply goes by Red and I love it!
  • Felicity: Yes, like the American Girl doll. Justin doesn't care for it, but his mom does!
Other names I like that aren't unique
  • Lucy: Justin thinks it's too old fashioned.
  • Delilah: Lovely, but unusable because she was a bad girl in the Bible.
  • Sophia: Everyone and their dog are named Sophia, so I wouldn't use it, but it's still a pretty name.
Which do you like? What other unique baby names are your favorites?


Funand Baubles said...

I like Atlas and Athea. I also really like Sophie/Sophia. Who wouldn't want to be named after Wisdom?

DAD said...

whatever you name the child we will love it

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