Thursday, January 2, 2014

Featured Seller: Jessica from Buns and Bows

This week's featured seller is Jessica from Buns and Bows. She is a very talented artist!

Hello! My name is Jessica and I am the proud owner of three beautiful bunnies. I have always enjoyed painting digitally (using a pen tablet and Photoshop); however, it was my rabbits that inspired me to paint their portraits.

I have really come to know my bunnies' individual personalities. One particular bun seems to think she is the queen of our apartment! This gave me the idea to paint on accessories which help show off the characteristics of each pet. It is great having the power to turn a cute little bun in to a gangster with gold bling!

Check out Buns and Bows for more adorable portraits and gift ideas for your pet owner friend. You can also find Buns and Bows on Twitter and check out Jessica's site for cute photos of her bunnies and guinea pig.


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