Friday, January 24, 2014

Cheap & Easy Birthday Party Activities

photo by Alessandro Paiva
As cute as I think all the fancy party ideas are, there is no way I would spend all that time and money. My parents didn't either, and I was okay with it because we always had fun without all the frills and expensive entertainment. Here are some tried and true simple birthday party activities all kids love!

  • Park/playground: bring balls, Frisbees, and other outdoor games 
  • Water party: play with water balloons, water guns/squirt bottles (check the dollar store!), or slip n' slides
  • Pool party
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Relay races
  • Bubbles: they make great favors too!
  • Treats: decorate cupcakes, build your own ice cream sundae, or make edible jewelry out of candy and cereal
  • Movie and popcorn
  • Games: musical chairs, pin the tail (handmade), pinata (homemade), Twister, video games, charades, Pictionary  
  • Dancing: teach classic dances like the Hokey Pokey for toddlers and the Electric Slide or Macarena for older kids
  • Balloons: use them for popping games for older kids and favors for younger ones; you can also find balloon decorating kits at some dollar stores
  • Costumes: have each child decorate their own superhero mask or cape, silly hat, or princess crown
  • Crafts: make jewelry, decorate treat bags with stickers
  • Face painting: You can find a cheap kit at Walmart


Funand Baubles said...

I think the most successful birthday party I've hosted involved white-washing a board and letting the kids paint it. (Of course, I also cut it out to look like a space ship, but I think the kids would have loves it even if I hadn't.)

DAD said...

we always were blessed to stretch the dollars yet have a fun party for you kids

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