Thursday, December 1, 2011

No More Cold Sheets

Does your baby wake up when you place him or her in the crib (or bed, if you co-sleep) because the sheets are cold? Have you been told to warm the sheets up in the dryer only to realize it's too much work? Here are three easy solutions for no more cold sheets:

1. Lay a flannel or fleece blanket on top of the sheet and tuck the edges between the mattress and crib. (For co-sleepers, tuck the top edge under the pillows.) Flannel and fleece don't get cold easily, and if they do get cold, it's easy to throw just a blanket in the dryer instead of undoing and remaking the bed to warm up the sheets. You can also make or buy flannel or fleece sheets, but using a blanket is cheaper and easier.

2. Place a microwavable heat pack or an electric heat pad in the middle of the crib or bed. Make sure it's not too hot before placing the baby down.

3. For co-sleepers, simply have another family member lie down in the bed to warm it up before putting the baby down.


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