Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family Christmas Pageant

 Make this Christmas memorable by having your own family Christmas pageant.

First, assign the parts for the Christmas pageant. Make sure everyone is included.  If there are extra parts, have someone double up on smaller parts or invite another family to participate.

Dress up the family in bathrobes, sandals, and towels or shawls around their heads. Check old Halloween costumes for angel wings, crowns, and anything else relevant to the Christmas story. Use your children’s toys (stuffed animals, baby doll, etc.) as props. Spend time together making other props, such as the star or manger.

Decide whether you will narrate the Christmas story from the scriptures, write a script so the children have speaking parts, or both.

If you want, invite family and friends to watch your Christmas pageant. You may want to practice a few times before the performance. Set apart a "stage" area and provide enough seats if people are coming. Play holy Christmas music softly in the background and use candles to set the mood. Record the pageant to watch every Christmas or to send to relatives.


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