Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to Avoid Returns and Exchanges

Long lines at the store don't cease after Christmas. In fact, they might get even longer from everyone returning or exchanging their Christmas gifts. Here's how to avoid that situation:

As a Getter
~Make a very specific Christmas wish list of things you would like to ensure you don't get something you wouldn't like.
~ List things of different prices to give people options that fit their budget.
~Include your clothing and shoe sizes and favorite brands and styles.
~Share your favorite color, band, movies, restaurants, etc.
~Let people know what you already have or really don't want. It's better to be bold now and save you both embarrassment if you don't like their gift.

As a Giver
~Ask for all the above information from the people for whom you're buying gifts.
~Always include a gift receipt to make returns/exchanges easier.
~If you're at a complete loss of what to buy, just give them a gift card or money. Sometimes being creative can be a bad thing.


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