Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Have you already bought the big Cristmas presents only to be stumped by what to put in the stockings?
The ideas are endless! Here are a few to get you started. Just keep in mind each person's likes and interests to make the gifts meaningful and appreciated.

Practical Stocking Stuffer Ideas
  • chapstick
  • makeup
  • nail polish
  • small school or office supplies
  • bath & body products
  • small kitchen gadgets
  • treats: nuts, candy, exotic fruit, gum/mints
  • gift cards, including prepaid
  • money
Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas
  • golf balls or tees 
  • tickets to an event or place
  • small craft items
  • ornaments
  • stickers
  • bubbles
  • jewelry
  • receipt to something that hasn't arrived yet or for a virtual purchase (like Netflix)
  • inside jokes, like bandages for a klutz or something silly the person frequently borrows from you or never seems to have when needed
Where to Get Cheap Stocking Stuffers
  • dollar stores
  • Target's $1 spot
  • Michael's
  • Party City's party favor and candy aisle
  • clearance


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