Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Peachy Birthday

For my birthday on Memorial Day we went to a peach farm way down in Queen Creek. (Funny how we lived 20 minutes away from it for 3 years and never heard about it. A friend here in Phoenix told me about it Saturday night.) We picked our own peaches, not Caden's favorite part at all.

Then we sampled various peach foods. Surprisingly, I did not like most of it. My favorites were the gummy bears, blueberry peach preserves, and hard candy, which we ended up buying. Once we got home, I realized the candy, unlike everything else we had sampled, were not made by the farm and had artificial flavor. Still yummy but a little disappointing.

We let Caden play around and then ended with delicious peach ice cream for me and Justin, chocolate for Caden, and lunch at In 'N Out. Once Caden was napping, we watched War Horse. It was depressing and angering, not inspiring, but made me have so much more admiration for my great-grandfather who fought in WWI (on the Italian side) and survived--with a bullet lodged in his head.

Justin grilled chicken and corn on the cob, I made corn muffins, and our neighbors joined us for dinner. Later I made peach crisp and we watched Tarzan. Caden loved the part where the gorillas and elephant were making music with the various items at the humans' camp. Caden also felt the baby kick for the first time. Overall it was a fun and unique birthday.


Alexandra said...

Fun, Happy Birthday! I'll have to have my brother pick me some peaches, they live down in Queen Creek. Sounds yummy

DAD said...

love the peaches and the adorable tractor boys-DAD

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