Saturday, May 18, 2013

Featured Seller: Liliana from My Sweetie Pie Pie

This week's featured seller is Liliana from My Sweetie Pie Pie, a delightful vintage shop.

I've had a vintage shop on Etsy for some years now but originally started selling on eBay back in its early days, so I've been selling vintage online for about a couple of decades and only took a break while living abroad.

I've got over 700 items in my shop, including vintage women's and men's clothing, purses, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories, along with housewares and collectibles of every kind.

 In addition, I have quite an extensive array of sewing patterns listed – I just love them!

Check out My Sweetie Pie Pie for more lovely vintage finds. You can also follow My Sweetie Pie Pie on Pinterest.


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