Thursday, May 23, 2013

Top 5 Dreamworks Animated Films

While Pixar is more consistent with the quality of their movies, when Dreamworks makes a hit, it's a home run. (And when they miss, they totally tank!) Here are my favorites:

5. Megamind: Super funny and a great twist on the classic hero/villain story.

4. Monsters vs. Aliens: Again, very humorous with a fun twist on classic monster movies.

3. Prince of Egypt: Beautiful music and animation.

2. How to Train Your Dragon: The music is incredibly moving and the ending is touching as well.

1. Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2: High-quality story, characters, and animation, and no adult innuendos. And Jack Black is hilarious! Best messages ever found in kid films: first movie--be yourself/there are things that only you can do with your unique talents; second movie--family is about love. I hope they maintain the high quality of this series and don't ruin the third one.

What are your favorites from  Dreamworks?


Alexandra said...

Awesome suggestions. We were just watching part of kung fu panda the other day. Haven't seen Mastermind yet, I'll have to try and find it.

DAD said...

kung fu panda #1 is only one I have seen

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