Wednesday, August 28, 2013

FREE Nursing Pillow & Review

In the past I've done two reviews and giveaways for Udder Covers nursing covers and sets. They have a new sister company making nursing pillows. I asked if I could review one and they readily agreed. I was very excited! I told them to surprise me with the style, and they generously gave me a minky nursing pillow in spring green, along with Milk Bands and cloth nursing pads. It was a very nice surprise indeed! I couldn't wait to use the pillow. Once I did, I fell in love!

*Cute styles.
*Super soft, comfortable, stable, and supportive. I was afraid the minky one would be too warm for AZ, but I actually like it so Baby never gets a cold awakening.
*Great for multiple nursing positions, including pumping and nursing at the same time!
*Perfect size (see photo below for nursing pillow comparisons)

*None so far!

With Caden, I had won a Balboa Baby nursing pillow, the top-rated pillow by lactation experts according to one magazine. But I hated it! This nursing pillow is so much better. You can get your own FOR FREE by using the coupon code BABYGA. You just need to pay shipping, which is under $13, a great deal considering how pricey nursing pillows are!


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