Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gabe's Birth Story: Part 1

last belly photo (Thursday 15th)
Wednesday the 14th I had nonstop contractions all day. They were still far apart and manageable, so I didn't think I would need to go into the hospital that day, but I thought I was getting close and would be in by Friday. I wasn't happy that I felt it in my back, like with Caden, especially since this baby was in the right position and my water wasn't broken. Well, the next day they were gone, and I went to my appointment on Friday hoping it was my last one. It was.

Saturday was a normal day. We went grocery shopping, got chores done, and went to Rubio's for dinner. It was very windy outside, and made me think of my friend who gave birth during a bad dust storm. I swear the weather plays a role in when babies come!

That night contractions started again. I was able to get rest most of the night. By 4:30 in the morning they were getting stronger and longer, so I texted my doula, Crys, that she might need to come in a few hours. Justin went to work and I went back to sleep.

When morning came, I got Caden ready for church and asked his nursery teacher to take him. Shortly after he left, Justin and Crys arrived. We all napped. It was the last good nap I would have for a while. Crys made us some food while I got in the shower with Justin and the birthing ball. Things were going well. I felt like I could do this. I wanted to stay at home as long as possible and give birth naturally.

Caden came home from church; I wanted to see him. We had lunch and then we all rested again. I listened to Hypnobabies on the couch to work through contractions, which were getting more powerful. Then I started throwing up. When Caden woke up Justin took him back to his nursery teacher's house. Things got more intense from there. We tried watching Psych, but I spent most of the time throwing up so it didn't help. I didn't want to change positions. A second shower didn't help. I was getting frustrated with myself for not being able to relax. I felt I was losing control. Crys convinced me to walk up and down the stairs to help move Baby down. I didn't want to, but I did anyway. It felt good to walk around after sitting so much, but I felt the back pain more when standing during a contraction.

Caden got home around 9 and Justin put him to bed. The back pain continued to get worse and worse. It was time to go the hospital. I called up my sister-in-law, Kirsten, to come stay with Caden. I walked around the house with Justin while we waited, rocking and slow dancing in his arms, him supporting my weight, during contractions. He was amazing helping me through them and never stopped believing in me, such a difference than the first time around. (He later confessed he did have some fears, but didn't share what they were. I'm glad he never let me in on it.)

Once Kirsten and Adam arrived, we drove to the hospital, which thankfully is less than 5 minutes away. We checked in about 11:30 p.m. The first part of this birthing experience was over!

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