Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Furniture

Thursday we said goodbye to our old couches.

We got them secondhand for a steal of a deal when we first moved here, and they have served us well for the past 4 1/2 years. It was time for new ones, and we finally found some for another great deal at a local place called Pruitt's. Great customer service there! The couches came Friday afternoon. They are super comfy and fluffy.

We also got Caden's mattress at the same store. We had set up his new bed from IKEA a week ago, and Friday night Caden was finally able to sleep in his new big-boy bed with his new sheets he picked out from Target.

The last thing we need to do is put the crib back together and we are all set for Baby! I have a feeling he will be coming soon.

Belly sticker courtesy of Watch Me Grow Stickers


Francine Sanchez said...

You've always been good at getting "real" furniture. Our sofa is so sad and small and not comfy. Your old sofa was super comfortable, I'm sure your new one is as well.

I really enjoyed all the photos you posted. The ones of Caden and Justin are both adorable and you look absolutely stunning in both that you are in. very healthy and still so tiny, except for your baby sized bump.

Congrats to Caden on his new "big boy" bed.

DAD said...

love the pics and love you guys with all my heart

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