Saturday, August 31, 2013

Meet Gabe the Babe

Gabe is such an adorable baby, I just can't get over it! He smiles and laughs a lot in his sleep, among other coos and noises he makes, and he sleeps a lot. Caden loves to hold him, until he starts to cry.

He loves being in our arms. I can't wait for him to fit in the Baby K'tan so I can hold him and get stuff done at the same time!

Just like Caden, Gabe loves sucking on our pinkies or his fingers, when he can find them. Speaking of which, his fingers and feet are very long. And look at all that dark, soft hair!

Sucking his thumb

Sucking on Caden's finger

He likes sleeping with his arms up all over the place; he doesn't like being swaddled. And, like Caden, he hates being dirty. That's good news for when we start infant potty training again!


He is so cuddly. I love how tiny and soft newborns are!

I think he has the same cheeks, chin, eyebrows, and mouth as Caden. Their eyes and noses are different. Caden's head was bigger; Gabe has more hair. Gabe looks more Native American and Asian than Caden. I don't see Justin or me really strongly, whereas Caden looks very much like Justin. Regardless, Gabe is absolutely beautiful! Who do you think he looks like?


Francine Sanchez said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading about 'Gabe the babe.' He is absolutely adorable. I love the 2nd photo where his face is smooshed up against you - so cute! As for who he looks like... I'm not good at those things. I had to look through old Caden photos to even try to comment(so cute, by the way!). I still have no guesses/comments, but I'm looking forward to waiting it out. :)

DAD said...

I love the little baby Gabe so much and I am excited for October- Caden sometimes looks like you

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