Monday, September 9, 2013

Haloopa Joop Baby Booties Review

Sophie from Haloopa Joop in England generously sent me a cute pair of navy baby booties to review. She knit the booties from Shetland yarn and packaged them in a lovely gift box.

They looked so cute on baby Gabe!

*Adorable, warm, and well made.
*Room for growth.
*Laces to keep the booties on Baby's feet.
*Baby liked them. And so did Daddy.
*Beautifully packaged.
*Great seller!

*Hand wash only.

Here's a little about the seller, Sophie.

I live and work in Nottingham, UK. I work full-time and run Haloopa Joop in the evenings and weekends. Haloopa Joop is an opportunity to take my knitting obsession into another arena and keep up a happy process of sharing my skill and improving it by way of constant feedback and the creative process. Haloopa Joop is an online store selling hand-knit items and knitting patterns.  

Hand-knitting takes time, lots of time. The booties here took 9 hours to make. That means a lot of care and attention has gone into the making of them. There is also a lot of opportunity to adapt each individual item. That's something that is quite important to me as I'm 6'2" (well above average for a woman) and now I can make sweaters with nice long proportions ;) I think it's a better world if the customer isn't requested to fit into something that isn't ideal for them, and if the maker can keep a very close connection with the product and a focus on skill and design rather than profitability and mass production. 

Check out Haloopa Joop for more cute baby booties, knit items, and knitting patterns!
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