Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Family Date

Tuesday evening we went out as a family of four for the first time. Justin was really craving Korean food and the restaurant was a little drive away. We were a bit nervous: it's hard enough with just a 3-year-old or a newborn, let alone both at once! It proved to be an adventure.

When we got to the restaurant, Caden was upset because he felt carsick. Justin had to repeatedly take Caden to the bathroom, but he never threw up, thank goodness. Gabe woke up from a dirty diaper, and then I nursed him and got him to sleep again while Justin was with Caden. Other than those little episodes, dinner went well. The service was much better this time. The waitress was really nice and gave Caden a plastic bag in case he puked and some free rice.

After dinner, we stopped by Deseret Book to get a gift for a friend since we were already in that part of town. I found a wall hanging with the perfect quote for her. Then we went to Bass Pro Shop. Caden had a field day there! He loved the fish tank, animal tracks, tents, even the taxidermy. And we found a beautiful painting on sale for Justin's grandma.

We ended the date with Dairy Queen. Justin and Caden went in first while I nursed Gabe again in the car. Then I ordered and helped Caden eat while Justin changed Gabe's diaper. But when we got back to the car, Justin said we had no more diapers! I didn't realize we had used them all and I hadn't expected us to be out that long. There was nothing nearby, so we had a wailing baby until we finally found a grocery store.

Although the night wasn't perfect, we had a great time together and it still went more smoothly than I had anticipated.


DAD said...

sounds like everyone survived and you still had a good time-love you

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