Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Best Big Brother

Caden has welcomed Gabe with open arms--and lots of kisses--since the day Gabe came into the world. He loves Gabe so much! Caden is such a good helper. When I say Gabe has a dirty diaper, Caden gets everything ready.

When Gabe cries while I'm busy doing something, I'll ask Caden to talk to him. Caden even helps keep the pacifier in Gabe's mouth without me asking. I hope this kindness continues and they become good friends and close brothers!

And just for fun:

New haircut on Friday!


Miss Keesh said...

Love Caden's new haircut! And he's is such a good brother- so impressed.

DAD said...

he is so terrific a boy- you are so blessed to have him in your life

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