Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Blessingway

Last night I had a very small, intimate blessingway, consisting of me, my neighbor, my doula, and a friend from my old ward (who had the same doula) and her baby. I was so excited for the night. The boys were gone, I got some fruit and gourmet cupcakes, and I put on peaceful music. We started out eating (my doula brought more fruit and veggies) and sharing birth stories. We ended with two activities. The first was a bonding ceremony, in which we wrapped blue-and-green-colored string around our wrists and shared wishes for the birth. Then we cut the strings and tied them as reminders to think about and pray for me. The second activity was a fear releasing one. My doula wrote down any fears or negative thoughts we had and then burned it later at home. I also got some lovely gifts: a tabletop fountain, candles, lotion, and bath salts. I felt so happy and uplifted afterward. The experience was amazing and perfect, much better than I had originally planned. I felt really loved and supported and I'm no longer nervous but excited for this baby's birth!


DAD said...

we are excited for PUSHKIN'S arrival!-

Francine Sanchez said...

It sounds wonderful. I am really excited for baby's birth too and think of you on a very regular basis!

I am at 36 weeks this morning, which means you are 38+. I feel like every thought I have of my baby coming is followed by one for Micah/Michael/?

I am really excited for him to be welcomed into your family (and therefore a group that I thoroughly love!)

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