Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gabe's Baby Blessing

All of our family came into town for Gabe's baby blessing on Sunday. Justin's family arrived Wednesday evening, and we all went out to eat. Thursday all the ladies hung out while the boys went golfing, and then Mom made dinner for us.

Gabe found his thumb!

Friday we went to Toys 'R Us for the grandparents to buy Caden his birthday gift. He picked out a Thomas the Train wooden train set. He's been playing with it every day since.

He napped on Grandma for hours!

Saturday my family arrived and my sister-in-law, Rocio, threw Caden a birthday party. We had it at the park, which was busier than I've ever seen it. Fortunately, we were able to find a table, and although it wasn't shaded, the weather was nice. The main course was fried chicken, and the cake was delicious. I was pleasantly surprised. I think I will get all my cakes from Costco from now on.

Everyone had a good time talking and playing. It went really well; we were out there for nearly 3 hours!

He loved the Cars toys he got from the Lyles.

Trying to ride the dragon (Toothless) I got him.

Taking a picture with his play camera. He also got Play-Do from his friend Lily.

My family came over to the house afterward and played Dance Central on the Kinect with us. I love when the boys do it!

Sunday was Gabe's blessing. Justin gave the blessing, and his father and brother, my father and brother, a friend, and the bishop stood in the circle. Gabe fussed a bit, unlike Caden. Justin blessed Gabe to be a righteous leader and have many children.

He wore the same outfit Caden did, which used to be Justin's. We didn't keep the bonnet on.

(That day we also practiced for the Primary program. It was overwhelming for me. I feel like we are still so unprepared. Or maybe just I am.) After church, we gathered outside for photos, my least favorite part.

Justin's family came to our house right after, and we had pulled pork sandwiches for lunch. It was our first time making them and they came out great. We are making the rest for friends on Thursday. The boys played Kinect golf, and then we all played Catch Phrase, boys against girls, and the boys won (by cheating, of course). Then my family came and brought more gifts for Caden: Cars sheets and Bible lift-the-flap board books. My brother and his family came after Justin's left, which ended up being better. I keep forgetting how small our place is until it's filled with people! I got to spend some quality time with my sister-in-law, Rocio. Ever since I became a mother, I've bonded with her more. I loved seeing her take care of my children so lovingly.

Gabe chatting with his Tia Rocio.

Monday, we and Justin's family went to the same ranch we took Caden to last year. They had some new attractions and different games. Caden's favorite was the train ride, of course. He is really into trains right now! Gabe stayed asleep the entire time, which was really nice.

Hay maze. Caden cheated by climbing over the bales.

Panning for "gold" that he got to trade for candy.

The boys went golfing that afternoon, and we ladies hung out with my family (my brother and his family left Sunday night). We played Catch Phrase again, and then my family left. Justin's family left once the boys came back, and they flew home this morning.

Gabe was so spoiled, being held nonstop, that I was afraid it would be hard to get back into our normal routine. Thankfully, it wasn't. Both boys have adjusted nicely, but I know they miss all the fun and attention! They are both so loved!


Lissy said...

You look so great! So fun to see these updates on your family!

DAD said...

a time that I will never forget that passed all too quickly

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