Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Party for Little Kids

Last night I threw a Halloween party just for kids 5 and under (though there were a few older kids) and on a budget. It was a hit! The only thing I would have done differently is had more games. The party was at my friend's house, since my apartment is too small. We decorated using Halloween items I had collected over the years on clearance, a few handmade items, and a couple things my friend got at the dollar store.

I set up two crafts: making hand spiders (modified from Tutus and Tea Parties) and decorating treat bags.

There were two games: a handmade fishing game and a ball toss I got from the thrift store. The kids won prizes, which I had gotten on clearance and from Freecycle. I also painted the kids' faces and made them balloon animals before they left, the most popular activity.

All the kids dressed up, and some of the parents did too.

Justin's a golfer--basically, himself.

The friend who lent me her home.

For the food, we made carrot fingers, ants on a log, black licorice 7-Up, goblin sloppy joes, mummy hot dogs (from Creative Juice), and worms and dirt in a cup.

We had a great turnout and lots of fun! Little kids are so easy to please and entertain, so it made throwing this Halloween party easy, cheap, and enjoyable!


DAD said...

sounds like a better party than we had at the trunk or treat! love the costumes you guys had

2justByou said...

We always use the spider web stuff for Halloween decorating. =0)
Those mummy hot dogs look fun!
Glad you had a great party with the kiddos.

francinesanchez said...

Wish I could have joined in on the baby party. Looks like fun! Great job, girl. And, especially at little kid parties, there is not such a thing as too many games.

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