Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I am not a high maintenance girl--in fact, I'm very frugal--but some things I prefer high quality. And Justin spoils me. I started a walking routine with a friend and my feet killed afterward. My four-year-old running shoes needed to be retired. I was going to put new shoes on my Christmas list, but Justin wanted to get them right away. So we went to the Nike Factory Store, where I found new running shoes at a great price. I love how they look and feel!

I also needed new nursing bras because my old ones were too big and stretched out. So we also checked out Motherhood Maternity, where I found 3 new bras, including a really comfy sports nursing bra, and a nursing shirt.

A few days later we went back to the outlet mall we visited for Justin's birthday. We weren't shopping for me, but I did want to peek inside the Coach store. Coach is the only designer brand I have a weakness for. They're always passing out coupons, so I didn't think much of the 50-percent-off deal. Still out of our price range. But then they said it applied to clearance, which was already 40 percent off the clearance price, so I thought I'd look. Nothing my style.

But wait! There it was: the perfect size and style. And price--$60 after all the discounts. The only thing I didn't love was the colors. I remembered the line from the previous visit and the somewhat-patriotic colors I did like, but they no longer had anything in those colors, and this was the last purse of its type. I have a strict "if you don't love it, don't buy it" policy, so I was ready to give it up. But Justin liked it and convinced me to get it. I did need a small purse for when I don't need the diaper bag (my previous purse was trashed and too large anyway now that I'm using a diaper bag again; I just needed something for my wallet, phone, and keys.) The more I looked at it, the more the colors grew on me. And I couldn't resist the price. I may never be able to afford a Coach bag again, let alone one I like! So I bought it.

I told Justin he's not allowed to get me any Christmas gifts now.


Rachel Staves said...

How nice! I love the bag!! You got a great deal on it. Coach is the only brand of bag that I have consistently loved for style and quality. Like you, I'm not super high maintenance, but there are certain things that are worth a paying a little more!!

Francine Sanchez said...

How exciting! I feel like the style of the purse fits you and will look good with a lot of your outfits. Some things are worth getting good quality: nursing bras, running shoes and purses fit in that category.

DAD said...

well you deserved it

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