Monday, July 21, 2014

7 Years Married!

Sunday was our 7-year anniversary. We celebrated on Saturday by leaving the kids with our friends and going to our favorite mall by ourselves. We started with laser tag. It was just us, so we were against each other instead of teammates. Of course Justin won, though I did get him quite a few times. It was a lot of fun! Next we went inside Wonderworks, a science-based fun center. Some of the things we did:

Can you see Justin's outline?

Making my shadows dance

At home with a flight simulator

It felt really prickly!

hall of optical illusions

We also played a mind game where you move a small ball on a table to the other person's side by relaxing. I won. Thanks, Hypnobabies! I beat Justin at the basketball arcade game too. Pay back for laser tag. We also went on these crazy bikes that go upside down (though I was too chicken) and a 4-D ride. There was a kid area, which included a giant-bubble play center, that we may take Caden to sometime.

After all the fun, we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. My burger was so big I couldn't fit it into my mouth!

Then we browsed the mall a bit. I finally found new sunglasses and got my hair curled at the Herstyler kiosk. Justin found some neat beanbag-like chairs that I will have to remember next time I get pregnant!

We were gone for 6 hours, much more than planned because we had a great time together and awesome sitters. (Good thing too, because Sunday ended up being a crazy day full of church meetings and nap strikes for the boys.) Hoping for 7x7 more years with my wonderful husband!


DAD said...

glad you got together without the kids- you guys deserved it- love you!

Alexandra Haralson said...

Wow, sounds like a ton of fun! Happy Anniversary!

Miss Keesh said...

Seven years- that is quite a milestone! May you both have many more happy anniversaries to celebrate :)

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