Saturday, July 19, 2014

Inspiring LDS Movies You Should See

Looking for something to watch after church or for Family Home Evening? Watch these inspiring LDS movies currently on Netflix:

Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed

Summary: Paratroopers from a parachute regimental combat team in WWII try to reunite with their unit in enemy territory, helping French resistants along the way. Note, this is not a sequel to the original Saints and Soldiers, just different stories from the same war. Rated PG-13.
My Rating: 4 stars! Believable emotional conflict and likable characters.

Emma Smith: My Story

Summary: The story of Emma Hale Smith, wife of the prophet Joseph Smith,  as told by her older self and her daughter Julia. Rated PG.
My Rating: 5 stars! It was wonderful seeing the story from her perspective; there was much I didn't know about her. Some people negatively remarked about the movie not including Joseph's other wives. Um, did you not read the title? It's about Emma, his first wife and true love. And it does touch upon polygamy. Furthermore, we do not pretend that she was perfect, but we honor all the faithful things she did do.

17 Miracles

Summary: Real pioneer stories and miracles shown as if they all happened to one handcart company. Rated PG (not for younger audiences as there are many disturbing images and frightening situations portrayed).
My Rating: 4 stars! Only 4 because the title is misleading: it's not a happy story full of miracles, but a nonstop sob fest. I used up a whole box of tissues, I couldn't stop crying. The main actor was astounding!

The Saratov Approach

Summary: The true story of two American missionaries serving in Russia who were kidnapped and held for ransom in 1998. Rated PG-13.
My Rating: 5 stars! Exceptional story of courage, faith, and love.


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