Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm Sorry

After having my VBAC, I dealt with a lot of emotions. Although I had a successful birth and healthy baby, I was a little disappointed that I had to get interventions and jealous of friends who had natural and/or quick births. And I was hormone crazy like any other woman who just gave birth. So I expressed my hurt by hurting others: I bragged in a post about how quickly my body bounced back. Very mature of me, not. Then today after I read the article "You Had a Baby? This Is How You Get Your Body Back!" on a newly discovered site, Beauty Redefined (more on that coming!), I felt awful. I would like to apologize for the body shaming. The only bouncing back your body needs to be doing is with a baby on your knee. Again, I'm sorry if I made any of you feel negatively about yourself.



Thanks, Cheski. I remember it being more of a celebration of your health. Being a mommy is hard work and I think getting back to a normal weight is something that is worth celebrating, even if perhaps other things are more important.

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