Monday, July 28, 2014

Fabletics Athletic Apparel

A few months ago, I saw a Facebook ad for Fabletics, an athletic apparel company cofounded by the actress Kate Hudson. I looked around and bought this fabulous outfit:

I absolutely love it! The shirt is airy, long, and comfortable, and I love the style. The shorts are modest and not too tight like other Spandex shorts. A sports bra was also included, but the only size they had left was too small, so I sold it on eBay for half of what I paid for the whole outfit! New members can get outfits for as low as $25 with free shipping. And signing up does not mean you have to continue buying. Fabletics will send you an email on the first of each month with personalized outfits, which you can opt out of buying. If you forget, they give you one free pass. After that, the fee is credited to your account, so it's not lost money but available for once you do decide to buy something again. They also accept returns and exchanges.

The best part is the reviews, which include a fitting rating to help you decide which size to buy. It was very useful for me since I usually don't buy clothes online for sizing reasons. Thanks to the advice others left, the size I chose fit perfectly!

If you are looking for stylish, bright, fun workout clothes, accessories, and equipment, then I highly recommend trying Fabletics! This is the next outfit I want to get:

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