Sunday, August 30, 2015

Caden Is Five!

10 days old

I remember thinking when Caden was born, "Before I know it, he will be five years old and going to kindergarten!" That time has finally arrived. Caden turned five last week and will be starting school next week.

Park trip on his birthday

Caden is quite the character. He just keeps getting better with age; maybe that's why he's so cheesy (bad joke, I know).  He has the most creative imagination. He loves to play pretend and turn everyday objects into props. This boy is definitely my son! He also enjoys being outside, whether it's playing at the park, picking up sticks on a walk, or riding his bike.

His current favorites:
  • Movie: How to Train Your Dragon 1&2
  • TV show: Curious George
  • Music: How to Train Your Dragon 2 soundtrack; before that, it was big band swing and upbeat classical music
  • Book: changes every week
  • Color: blue
  • Food: spaghetti and meatballs or lemon chicken and "spaghetti rice" (rice pilaf)
  • Drink: apple juice
  • Toy: cars and stuffed animals (Although he doesn't sleep with Elmo every night anymore, he still calls Elmo his baby and wants him whenever he's upset.)
  • Friend: "all my friends love me!" was his answer, lol. 
Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon

Toothless the dragon (notice Elmo has a costume too, lol)
Hiccup's wings from How to Train Your Dragon 2

Some funny things he still says are packpack, repartment, and tomato for potato (but never the vice versa). He finally figured out how to say spaghetti correctly. He still pronounces his r's as w's but no longer confuses y and l. He can read basic words and write pretty well. He's still obsessed with poop, farts, and bums, and he's going through an annoying copycat phase.

I love my Caden so much. He is so silly and sweet and smart and sensitive. I try my best to nurture his spirit so he grows confident in himself. I see many of my weaknesses in him and I want him to overcome them so he doesn't continue to suffer from them as an adult as I do. I can't wait to see how he continues to progress! 
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