Sunday, August 23, 2015

Gabe the Babe Is Two!

Taking a walk on his birthday.

Gabriel turned two last week. Weaned and already potty training, he is no longer a baby, nor looks it. His vocabulary has increased much the past few months, and especially the last few weeks, though his pronunciation is still adorably atrocious. For example:
  • Any word that ends in p he adds an f to, like cupf.
  • Share and sure sound the same.
  • Duts is nuts, sis is light, oh is hole, dutch is bread/lunch/bridge/truck, dirch is church, bff is balloon, bb bb is booboo, goodgy/goody is cookie, dye is bye, siohwy is silly, and ahk is rock and sidewalk.
  • Da is still ball. I try to get him to say it right by coaxing, "B, b, ball." He repeats, "B, b, dah!" Reminds me of the time I tried teaching Caden how to say book.
  • He makes a growling sound for broccoli. I still haven't figured that one out. 
  • All letters of the alphabet are G.
Some of his favorite words that he can say correctly include car, corn, dirt, go, golf, gone, guy, hi, home, off, on, pop, salsa, sauce, see, some, sorry, stop, turn, wall, whoa, whoo whoo (train sound), yay, yeah. He says oi for anything he thinks is gross (Daddy taught him that) and fans the air when someone stinks. He still calls all monkeys George, and now all snowmen are Olaf (aff). He makes the cutest monkey and penguin impressions.

Taking a ride on his friend's scooter

He likes to read books, draw, and play with cars, in the bathtub, and outside. He enjoys digging in the dirt and stepping on bugs. His favorite show is Curious George and he also likes the Signing Time videos. Sometimes he stomps around the house and roars like a dinosaur. He knows how to give kisses correctly and will say sorry and kiss you if he hurts you. He loves fruit, some frozen vegetables, raw mushrooms just as Caden does (and me too), pasta, nuts, and cereal.

Pretending to be No Noggin from the Halloween Curious George movie

He still loves to snuggle and be worn in the baby carrier. He sleeps with a blanket and stuffed animal (or five). He transitioned to the toddler bed about three weeks ago. He sucks his two fingers all the time. He was using a pacifier during the weaning process, but when I found it after it was lost recently, I threw it out.

A dirty diaper is a rarity. He goes on the potty and thinks it's fun to wipe (he just scrunches the toilet paper and taps his bottom, and repeats this several times) and flush the toilet. Then he claps and says "yay" afterward.

He is very silly and stubborn and loud. He screams when he doesn't get what he wants but knows how to calm down when I ask him to. That was an accident, actually. He learned that from watching me teach Caden.

11 days old

I can't believe how big he is now. His first year of life seemed to go by so quickly, but his second did not, so it's harder this time to accept the fact that he's growing up and not a baby anymore. I love my little Gabe so much, even though he drives me crazy most of the time!
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