Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Featured Seller: June from Threshold Paper Art

This week's featured seller is June from Threshold Paper Art.

I was born in Scotland and immigrated to Canada while very young. Interior design was my main occupation. I have a passion for all that is unique and handmade. I have always been on a quest for beauty doing whatever possible to enhance my surroundings and those of my clients. My love of interior design and craft was born. My craft repertoire included batik, decoupage, faux painting interiors, and mosaics. I was dubbed the glue gun queen by my friends.

Ever since my daughter brought home colorful notices home from school, I have been recycling them into homemade paper to produce unique cards. After several years of card making, the themes I was drawn to exploring required a larger format. I recycle paper and other organic material and transform it into art. I cast, embed, and collage the paper with a variety of materials such as metal, found objects, thread, mica, and text to create dimensional imagery. Hand-spun art fibers add a rich textural component to some pieces.

My design sensibility embraces both the old and the new. I explore themes of antiquity and faith, including biblical symbolism. Antiquity is created both by the rich textural properties of the paper and the symbols of the past.

The recurring theme in my art is transformation. Even the paper I make goes through the process of being destroyed in its original plant form, only to be transformed into a work of art. Inspiration is drawn from many sources including nature, ancient times, instrumental music, as well as contemporary design. The transcendent aspect of nature has a strong impact on my work. Much time is spent contemplating the majesty of nature. My sincere desire is to inspire and uplift others.

Check out Threshold Paper Art for more unique artwork. You can also follow the shop on Facebook and Twitter.
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