Sunday, August 16, 2015

"Scripture Princesses" Book Review & Free Tiara Printable

Has your daughter ever wanted to learn more about the women in the scriptures? It can seem like they are hard to find, so author and illustrator Rebecca J. Greenwood made it easy by compiling the stories of the major women from the scriptures in a book called Scripture Princesses.

*It's a simple, easy read that adheres to the stories as written in the scriptures and includes references for further exploration.
*The illustrations are lovely and break up the text nicely.
*I like that the women were ordered chronologically instead of by scripture set to give you a better sense of when they lived in relation to each other.
*Each chapter begins with a statement about the quality each woman showed through her experiences. (ex: Be wise, like Eve).

*I wish it had included Deborah from the Old Testament.
*Although the last sentence restates the woman's quality and how it blessed her and others, I wish there had been something more. For example, how we can use the quality in our lives or an explanation about the quality (like what it means to be wise). 

This book is great for Primary girls who want to learn about female scripture heroes whose examples they can follow. The stories also make great Family Home Evening lessons and a great resource for family scripture study and Church lessons.

Rebecca also has provided a free princess tiara printable for your little princess to color and wear!


DAD said...

you and Conti are my scripture princesses

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