Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Goal Assessment

It's a new year and time to evaluate how well we did with our goals for 2012.

  1. Potty training: Done except for at night!
  2. Sleep: Caden sleeps in his bed (or on the futon mattress on the floor lately), but he still wakes up once at night. It used to happen only a couple times a week, but ever since he was sick earlier this month, his sleep has still not recovered and he wakes up almost every night. I either take him to our bed, or more often, sleep with him on the futon.
  3. Weaning: Finished in July!
  4. Schedule: I think the first part of the year was fine, but ever since we moved there's been no rhyme or reason to our days. Only nap time is pretty consistent.
  5. Discipline: We did great until we moved. We had a poster with our family rules and consequences and a time-out corner. We were consistent. But again, ever since we moved, we've struggled with consistency and matching the punishment with the crime. It's especially difficult right now because Caden is in a hitting stage.

  1. Read scriptures daily: I did great for 6 months straight, only missing a couple days. It all fell apart during our summer travels. I went without reading for a couple months and then got back in, reading most but not all days.
  2. Spend time wisely: I stink at this. Sigh. 
  3. Try 1 new recipe a month: Done. Most I posted on the blog. I did it for Justin and he loved it.
  4. Have 100% visiting teaching for the year: I think I did well on this one before we moved. I haven't been given any visiting teaching assignments in our new ward.
  5. Be more cheerful: Again, I think I did well before the move. I guess I haven't realized how much moving has affected our family!
We only accomplished one family goal, to visit our families, though we did improve on another one, making family trips besides shopping. We've bought passes to the aquarium, went to a ranch in October, and visited the temple for the Easter pageant and Christmas lights.

I had a rough draft of goals for this year, but certain events are forcing me to change them now. How was 2012 for you? What are your goals for this year?


DAD said...

2012 saw us accomplish many of our goals- to go back east and reunite as a family- to get a home again- and to get a vehicle without payments- to also be with Grandma on her 80th- and to have my best year ever- DAD

P.S.- you did magnificent job in 2012

Francine Sanchez said...

I really like how you look at last year's goals and re-assess!

I haven't written out any clear cut goals for this year. I think I would like to however. It's a good practice. Reanalyzing helps you to re-focus as well.

Sorry to hear Caden is going through the hitting phase. I imagine that is extremely frustrating!

2justByou said...

Goal assessments are great, because you can look back and see what you've accomplished, as well as see what you still need to work on for the new year. Looks like you did a great job for 2012!
2012 was all right for me. I didn't have any set goals, but I worked on things that needed work. This year I do have an exercise goal, so we'll see if I stick it out. =0)
I'm a new GFC follower, and would love for you to stop by my blog and check it out.

holly via bookandbird.com said...

New follower from 2justByou blog!

I have a son named Caden too! He turned three last fall, and we're working on potty training too but are still working on going out in underwear and overnights. How old is your son?

Francesca said...

My son is almost 2 1/2. We started right after his second birthday. He was afraid of public toilets, so he still wore diapers out until his fear subsided. Now all we have left is night time. Good luck to you!

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