Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Eh, No"

Caden's new favorite movie the past few weeks has been Cars. Not sure how that happened. Maybe he remembered his friend watching it every time I babysat him last year (though Caden was never interested in it at that time).

There's a line in it where Lightning says, "Better than a Ferrari, huh." And Luigi answers, "Eh, no." Well, of course, Caden picked up on that (and many other lines he recites during the movie) and now rejects things by telling me, "Eh, no."

On the one hand it's funny, on the other it's very annoying and makes me want to throw the movie out the window. I can't wait until I start feeling better so we can spend more time outdoors before it gets hot and stay away from the TV. For now, all I do is push the Signing Time videos, which has been working.
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