Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten Easy Exercises You Can Do at Home

photo by Jahanta Behera

How many of you have some sort of health goal this year? We all know it usually doesn't last long, but it can as long as you have the right tools, one of them being easy exercises you can do at home. Try these out for quick ways to keep moving throughout your day!
  1. Skip.
  2. Walk around on your tippy toes.
  3. Do various styles of pushups against the wall.
  4. Stand on one leg and do squats.
  5. Give your kids piggy back or horsey rides.
  6. Hold the wall for support and do side leg lifts and back leg lifts.
  7. March in place while washing dishes, folding laundry, talking on the phone, etc.
  8. Roll your hands, high, low, fast, slow. It tires you out faster than you think! 
  9. Stand against the wall and then slide down into a sitting position, as if in an imaginary chair. Try to last through one magazine article or TV commercial break.
  10. Sit on the floor instead of the couch while reading or watching TV, extend your legs, and stretch them out. You lose flexibility and gain stiffness from sitting too much (and sleeping in the fetal position).
What exercises do you like to do at home?


2justByou said...

Yep, #9 kills me every time! LOL
I'll have to try some of your other suggestions that I haven't tried yet. I also like to do Wii Fit (when I can, which isn't often), but some of these that you mentioned are SUPER easy to do!

Bidisha Banerjee said...

I am a New Follower of your blog.

2justByou Blog has sent me here.

My GFC Name : Bidisha

DAD said...

i do pushups sit ups twists leg lifts and stretches and ab crunches and jumping jacks and tricep lifts and simulated punching bags

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