Saturday, January 26, 2013

You Know You're a Breastfeeding Mom When . . .

The great Facebook page Breast is Best asked this question and these are my favorite responses:
  • You grope yourself several times a day to see if one breast feels fuller.
  • Someone mentions milk, and the first thing that comes to mind is yours.
  • Getting intimate with your hubby something feels wet, but it's just your breasts leaking all over the place!
  • You press your breasts to prevent leakage from the let down.
  • You have several built-in, guaranteed moments of sitting down to relax and enjoy your squishy! Nobody gets to say, "I'll feed the baby, keep doing whatever horrible task you're doing/talking to whatever grating human being you're interacting with." Nope, you have a real, great excuse to close yourself off from the world whenever you want!
  • You can eat more food than a pregnant woman and your husband put together!
  • Your baby squeals with excitement when you take your shirt off. [All I had to say to Caden was, "Do you want some (dramatic pause) milk?" and he would laugh hysterically in anticipation! So funny!]
  • Your baby gets more excited than your husband at the sight of your breasts.
  • You have to have "the talk" with everyone who comes over to your house: "If you're gonna hang out for more than a couple hours, you're gonna see my breasts." 
p.s. I didn't have an acrobatic breastfeeding baby (in reference to the photo). Did you? 


Alexandra said...

Bahahaha! Hilarious! The first one was me all the time when I was nursing. I sometimes forgot I was in public and would 'assess' the fullness. :D

2justByou said...

I love all those answers! The first one was SO true, all the time!!! LOL
And no, I didn't ever have a gymnastics session like in the photo. I wonder if anyone has tried that position?

DAD said...

it is breast that i do not comment here

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