Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dealing with Morning Sickness

If any of you are suffering from bad morning sickness like I am, here are things I've learned to help me deal with it.

Eat small servings. Eat small meals and snack in between. It's tempting to want to eat more because you're hungry or feel okay, but it's best to wait at least 15 minutes to see if the food stays down or fills you up. Don't go too long without eating either; that makes nausea worse.

Skip "sick foods." Eat real food instead: the nutrients and fiber will actually make you feel better. However, stay away from greasy, spicy, and sugary foods. Try produce low in acidity, like bananas and avocados.

Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is key to managing morning sickness. If you have a hard time drinking, like I do, try using a straw. I also found that drinking cold water first thing in the morning before eating works best for me.

Don't overwork yourself. It's tempting to want to run errands or get a lot done when you feel semi-normal. But it will only end up making you feel worse the rest of the day. Only work 1 or 2 hours and take a break. If you still feel well later, continue working. Keep your to-do list short and top-priority only. If you work outside the home, talk to your boss about taking small 5-minute breaks to eat, sit down, stretch, or get some fresh air. Overall, it will keep you more productive and using less sick days.

Get rest! Take a nap if you need it. Go to sleep as soon as you are tired. On days I don't feel well, I get Caden ready for bed early so that I can go to sleep and all Justin has to do is tuck Caden in once he's sleepy.

Some of you may have many children and feel that these tips are impossible to follow. Ask for help from friends and family. Talk to your husband about which household chores can be skipped for a while. Cut down on activities to make earlier bedtimes easier. And don't feel guilty. You can't take care of your family if you're not taking care of yourself.


Sarah Brazee said...

As per usual, I start all commenting on baby-related things by saying "I don't have a baby and know nothing about raising one." HOWEVER, I do have a house and I know about chores! I already tend to keep a pretty clean house but I was feeling overwhelmed with the daily chores and keeping the house clean. I recently joined "Flylady" and I get daily e-mails with the daily house cleaning "missions." Basically, she instructs you to do a "Weekly Home Blessing Hour" wherein you are instructed to vacuum, mop, dust, wipe down mirrors, take out the trash, change the sheets, and purge magazines for ONLY ONE HOUR. You do each task for approximately 10 minutes, or until you're done, whichever comes first. It's great because you only hit the high-traffic spots and don't do a deep clean. And if you get the two of you involved (and I bet even Caden can do a little "dusting"!) it goes much quicker. If you do a little here and there you keep a clean, happy home and it doesn't build up over time. I also do a daily wipe down of the bathroom (literally 30 seconds) and then the daily task (max of 15 minutes - today it's wipe down the tops of the doors and windows in the master bedroom) that is technically a deep cleaning task, but keeps you from having to do it all at once in a spring clean. And while I know pregnancy makes you feel awful at times, if you have 15 minutes a day where you feel well and can do the daily task and one hour a week where you feel well and can do the WHB, you are doing great! (And in the alternative, it's pretty easy to sell a 15-minute task to husbands!)

AAAANYWAY, apologies for the novel, but it's been life changing. I LOVE that flylady. And I LOVE your advice - I hope I get to use it one day ;)

Sarah Brazee said...

Oh, and I just remembered something flylady says about her "swish and swipe" (the daily bathroom maintenance of a quick toilet scrub and wiping down the top and sides with windex): "Nothing says I LOVE YOU like a Clean toilet to throw up in when you are sick!" ;)

Miss Keesh said...

I just caught up on my blog reading, and I am so excited on the news! Sorry about the morning sickness, but I'm so glad you've found ways to deal with it. Please keep posting about how you are because I want to know :) God loves you!!!

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