Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas with Caden

Christmas Eve was spent with Adam and Kirsten, their friends, and the missionaries. They did their traditional breakfast for dinner and we all talked and laughed and had a good time. That night Justin put all the gifts under the tree and set up our biggest gift for Caden, which he ran to right away when he woke up the next morning.

Thanks to a couple pre-Christmas gifts, Caden knew what wrapped presents meant. He was very excited to open everything but was still timid with the wrapping paper.

He loves playing with the toy airplane at our church's nursery, so we told the grandparents to get him one.

He got tons of Hot Wheels cars and books from Great Grandma Amelia and clothes from Justin's aunt and uncle. We also got him Narnia 3 and a wooden toy bus. The first few days he loved the plane and bus the most, but now it's cars, cars, cars everyday.

He loves the musical book from Great Grandma too and asks me to read it to him twice every day before nap time. When I won't read it anymore, he reads it by himself.

After presents we watched Narnia 3. Then Adam and Kirsten came over to exchange gifts and eat my lasagna dinner. It was a fun Christmas and I enjoyed watching Caden get into it this year.

Justin also loved the present I got him, one he's been wanting for ages. I picked them out myself, though I did have him approve them before purchase since it was an online order and I didn't want to return them if he didn't like them. Although I got the right size, they're a bit small, so he hasn't worn them yet. Once he does I'll post a photo!


DAD said...

i love skyping and we cannot wait to see you guys this weekend! Love you DAD

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