Monday, July 8, 2013

Blessingway Gift Ideas

My sister-in-law and doula are throwing me a blessingway next month. (Read about blessingways here.) If you've been invited to one and don't know what to get the mother, here are some blessingway gift ideas:

  • scented candles
  • massage or essential oils
  • jewelry (you can find cute birth-related jewelry on Etsy)
  • bath & beauty products
  • artwork (your own or others')
  • personal letter
  • encouraging quote
  • poetry (your own or others')
  • relaxing music
  • service (cooking, cleaning, helping with other children, etc.)
(The photo is of a blessingway gift I made for my friend. When our car got broken into a few months ago, none of the valuables were taken, but this was! It was gift wrapped, so they didn't know what they were stealing. I wish I could have seen their face when they opened it! I made my friend another one yesterday, but forgot to take a photo.)


DAD said...

if anyone deserves any blessings it is you! love DAD

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