Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Party Weekend

In addition to my baby shower Friday evening, we went to two parties on Saturday. The first was the first birthday of a neighbor's daughter. It was outside at the super fancy mall around the corner. It was a humid day for an outside party, but the delicious food made up for it. There wasn't much for the kids to do until piñata time. Caden went first and timidly poked the piñata. I was surprised considering how much he loves to hit stuff!

He went home with a couple pieces of candy, bubbles, a crown, and a football. As you can see, Justin wasted no time in showing Caden some football moves.

Next we and our neighbors went back to where my baby shower was for game night. The four of us and another couple played Like Minds. Everyone paired up, a category was chosen, and each team wrote down answers individually. The team with the most matched answers moved forward on the board. The couple killed us all! I paired up first with my friend and then with Justin. It was not Justin's night.

On a side note, remember Caden's blossoming imagination? He has since expanded his boat to a train.
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