Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Surprise Visit

This past weekend we surprised my family. We showed up at my parents' house at 11:30 p.m. My mom answered the door and just stood there dumbstruck for a few minutes. She even pinched me to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

Caden's spastic dancing

Friday morning I helped my mom shop for things for my brother's wedding. Caden always does great shopping with Grandma. If only he were that way with me! Justin went golfing when we got back, and the evening was spent at my other brother's house. He and his family didn't know we were coming either.

Saturday morning we went swimming. Of course the clouds decided to stay out and the water was freezing, so I didn't go in. But it didn't stop everybody else!

Playing Marco Polo

Our 6th wedding anniversary was that day too, so Justin and I went out. We watched Turbo (there were no adult movies out we wanted to see, and it was still nice watching any movie without Caden). I thought it was really cute.

Afterward we went to a Persian place for dinner. The food was good but the service was awful. There was also a belly dancer there. I got a photo of her but it came out pretty scandalous because she posed for it. I was very excited to eat my many leftovers the next day, but ended up dropping it all on the floor the next day. I cried for an hour. While we were gone, Caden went to the car wash, store, lake, and park with Grandpa.

Sunday was church, where I caught up with an old acquaintance from high school who is pregnant too. Caden got freaked out in nursery by the unruly kids, so I had to stay with him the last half hour. The rest of the day we just chilled, ate lots of fruit, and played games.

 My brother stopped by once more before leaving for Mexico with his family.

Monday afternoon we left to visit Justin's aunt and cousins (his uncle was working). We shopped and ate at a couple Asian markets. Once Caden warmed up to the girls, he wouldn't stop following them.

Then it was driving out of L.A. traffic and heading home. We didn't get back until midnight, and poor Justin had to wake up at 5:30 for work the next morning. It was a great weekend, though, and I'm glad we went. Caden was all over Grandma, which meant I hardly had to lift a finger to care for him. The timing was perfect too. Any later and we wouldn't have gone. In fact, in the next couple weeks we will miss my brother's wedding and Justin's grandfather's 90th birthday party.


Francine Sanchez said...

How fun! The picture with Caden and your brother is just precious. Is Caden winking??? He has such "little boy flirt" type expressions. I also like the one with Caden and his daddy. You and Justin look good. Glad you had a nice time for your anniversary, although sad about the food.

Oscar has given my leftovers TO THE DOG before and even before pregnancy, I get overly angry/emotional when I'm hungry and have been looking forward to food. He now asks, "Can I give this to Oso." And I say sweetly, noooooo - I'm so glad that you asked!

DAD said...

it was an amzing surprise and wonderful 4 days that went by so fast and so much love for the family but we miss you a lot-DAD

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