Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Caden's First Prayer

Last night Caden asked to say the prayer for our family scripture study before bed. I tried asking him whom he wanted to help him, but he said, "Mama, stop, stop!" So I stopped and closed my eyes, expecting him to ask for help after saying "Dear Heavenly Father." But he didn't. He said the entire prayer by himself. I didn't understand most of it, only catching words and phrases here and there. But our Father in Heaven understood him and will answer the sweet prayer of this child of pure heart. We were so proud of him! When Justin tucked him in, Caden wanted to pray again and did so again by himself. My baby is such a big boy now!

His imagination is also expanding. Yesterday morning he was jumping on my unmade bed from the white sheets to the blue comforter, pretending he was at the beach jumping into and swimming in the water. Later he lugged a laundry basket up there and pretended to "ride a boat" with his monkey and Elmo. He used his wooden spoon as a paddle. He repeated the activity the rest of the day and this morning.

Then during bath time, I caught him doing this and talking:

He was pretending to give a talk in church! So funny. He is quite the character and never ceases to make us laugh.

With his best friend, Lily.

Always trying to be just like Daddy.


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