Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to Get Your Man to Support Breastfeeding

A fan on the Facebook page Breast is Best asked what other guys would say to a guy who doesn't want his girlfriend to breastfeed for no good reason. Based on the hundreds of replies, here is what to tell your man if he too is not supportive:
  1. Guys understand numbers. Show your man how much formula costs. Then ask him if he would rather spend all that money on unnecessary formula or on [insert his favorite hobby] every weekend. If he chooses formula, warn him it will come out of his fun money!
  2. Show him the facts. It is scientifically proven that breast milk is best for babies (except in a few rare cases). Breastfed babies are less likely to get sick (more money saved on doctor visits and medicine!), die of SIDS, and have future preventable health issues, such as obesity.
  3. Appeal to his shallow side. You are more likely to lose the baby weight faster, your chest will be larger, and with lower chances of breast cancer, both you and your breasts will be around much longer!
  4. As a bonus, tell him he won't have to prepare bottles at night and help feed the baby when he needs to get up early for work the next morning. He may get more diaper duty, but breastfed babies don't smell nearly as bad or spit up as much as formula-fed ones!
When I asked Justin for his opinion, it was so cute how he reacted, calling the guy "an ignorant fool" and saying he was setting his kid up to be not as smart and healthy. The funny thing is Justin didn't even really care if I breastfed or not when we had Caden. He went along with it for the first reason: it's free. But now he is a total supporter. So if your guy isn't comfortable with breastfeeding, he will probably come around once he sees all the benefits and the beautiful bond between you and your baby.


DAD said...

I always supported my wife breastfeeding my kids- and you were the biggest fan of it as a baby!

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